1- In order to benefit from this promotion, you must make a minimum investment of 20 TL with the PEP method.

2- The maximum amount you can benefit from this promotion at once is 150 TL,

3- In order for our members who receive the offline bonus to be able to withdraw, the main money + the promotion they receive in Sports bets must have a minimum of 1.40 odds for single coupons, and a bet containing at least 1.40 odds for combined coupons. Cash-Out, System coupons, Odd/Even, all refunded bets and two-probability bets on the same match and refunded bets in case of a draw are not included in the conversion if the principal and bonus are bet on the same match.

4-In case of bets that are not included in the roll and in a single area, namely; Possible winnings that may occur by making bets in other areas without realizing the principal conversion in the sports field are arranged by the system and the bet amounts are returned to our members. If you have a withdrawal within 24 hours, you cannot benefit from this promotion.

5-To benefit from this promotion, you can make a request by connecting to the live support line immediately after your investment. If you participate in any betting or casino game, you cannot claim this bonus.

6- Betticket reserves the right to delete the bonus of users who want to abuse the promotion or to make unfair profits and to close the user's account. In case of transfer to the casino after receiving the bonus, the winnings arising from the casino will be cancelled. At the same time, your winnings with your bonus will be forfeited.

7- Betticket reserves the right to make changes in the campaign or to cancel the campaign.

8- If Betticket Risk Department detects any suspicious activity related to your account, you will not be able to take advantage of this bonus. General Bonus Terms and Conditions specify possible risk factors.

9- General Promotion Rules and conditions apply for this promotion.