What is Early Payout?
Early payout is a unique promotion that we showed users as the first in Poland. What is it about? It's easy! It is enough for the team chosen by you to score two goals, then we will settle the match as won, regardless of the final result.

How does Early Payout work in practice?
We will show you on the example of the Empoli - Napoli match, which took place on April 24, 2022 as part of the Italian Serie A.

How to use Early Payout?
1. Do you have an open account at Fuksiarz.pl? If you don't have one yet, please register .
2. Place a meeting covered by the Early Payout promotion. The games that are included in the feature are marked
3. When your team takes a two-goal lead, the event will be settled as won regardless of the final score.

Early Payout - what competitions does the promotion include?
Early Payout includes bets most often chosen by players, i.e. top football games.

Early Payout and Cashout - differences:
gives you the option to pay out a part of your winnings
standard promotion
precludes a full win
available occasionally
Early Payout
bet won with two goals clear
innovation on the Polish market
guarantee of winning the entire bet
always available in selected leagues

Cashout is a standard promotion that allows you to withdraw part of your winnings in advance, while Early Payout is an innovation on the Polish bookmaking market.

Early Payout guarantees 100% payout
You do not have to wait for a convenient moment or wage wars in your head entitled "Close / do not close". Quite simply - the team is leading by a minimum of two goals, so the coupon is won. You will get paid in full and benefit from the promotion one hundred percent regardless of the end result.

You have placed a SOLO coupon - the winnings have just been credited to your account. Did you play an AKO bet? The match is already settled thanks to Early Payout, and you are one match less from winning.