For each prediction/selection with odds of 1.25 or more you add to your multi Bet (a long bet including many different teams/predictions), We will boost the amount you win with a Boost %.

The more teams or predictions you add to your bet, the bigger the boost you will earn!

Your boosted winnings will be paid into your account as CASH or a FREE BET...

How does it all work?

To take advantage of this promotion, all you have to do is add 3 or more predictions/teams with odds of at least 1.25 per selection to your Multi Bet bet slip!

Remember, the more predictions you add, the bigger your bonus!

Number of Selections / Predictions on your Bet slip Castlebet Multi-Bet Boost %
3                                                                                3%                                          4                                                                                4%                                          5                                                                                5%                                        6                                                                               10%
7                                                                               15%
8                                                                               20%
9                                                                               25%
10                                                                             30%
11                                                                             35%
12                                                                             40%
13                                                                             45%
14                                                                             50%
15                                                                             55%
16                                                                             60%
17                                                                             65%
18                                                                             70%
19                                                                             75%
20                                                                             80%
21                                                                             85%
22                                                                             90%                                        23                                                                             95%                                          24                                                                             100%

Your win bonus is applied to your winnings without the stake included. So if you staked 100 ZMW and won 1,000 ZMW, a 50% win bonus would be 450 ZMW. This is because your winnings without the stake would be 900 ZMW, and 50% of this is 450 ZMW. Therefore, your total payout when you combine winnings and bonus would be 1,450 ZMW.

Cash bets only.
Terms and conditions apply.

Promotion Terms and Conditions:

Terms and conditions of the promotion:

A valid Castlebet account is required to participate in this promotion.

Boosted winnings apply to cash wager pre-match selections only.

The Win Boost is calculated on multiple bets with three or more selections.

The boost starts from 3% (for three events) and it increases as you add more selections to the bet slip, up to 100%. The more selections you add to your bet slip, the bigger your Win Boost.

Minimum odds of 1.25 are required for each leg in the Multi Bet bet slip.
Free bets used do not qualify for a bonus.
Only predictions/teams with qualifying minimum odds will be counted towards the boost tiers. Non-qualifying teams/predictions will not be counted.

Upon settlement, boosted winnings will be credited to your account as cash/Free Bet.

Total return (potential return + win boost) on winning bets cannot exceed a maximum of K800,000.

Single Bets as well as Outright and Tournament bets are not eligible for boosted winnings.

Any betting markets that can either result in the customer having their stake returned or generate a partial win are excluded from boost winnings e.g. Draw No Bet.

If selections are cancelled or voided, only the remaining selections will be eligible for the Win Boost. The remaining selection must meet the minimum odds and number of bets required to be awarded a Win Boost. The actual boost awarded can therefore be different to the boost amount stated in the original bet slip.

Win Boosts are automatically shown in your bet slip, if you do not see a Win Boost, then you do not qualify. No manual adding of boosts will be done.

Should you take an early cash out option on your bet slip, your Win Boost will be forfeited.

We reserve the right to monitor all customer activity for cheating, irregular play and bad faith. All such activity is prohibited and may result in the immediate dismissal from any promotion.

Standard and terms and conditions apply.

All entries from disqualified participants’ cellphone numbers will be rejected.