Here's how:
1. Place a multiple bet
2. Wait for it's calculation
3. Get 1 of 3 bonuses - 30 EUR to your account                                                 The results of each day will be published on the promotion page.
The best multiple bet is the winning multiple with the highest total odds. Only multiple bets with a total bet amount of 3 EUR* and a winning bet result are included.
Terms and Conditions:
1. «Crazy express» promotion will be held from 14.02.2022 to 31.07.2022 (UTC+0) on the site.
2. Point of the Promotion - Favbet determines the three best multiple bets every day by the odds that have been played on the previous gaming day, and gives such players a bonus. The results will be updated on weekdays on the promotion page.
3. Promotion participant can be a Favbet customer who has a registered account on and has collected at least 1 promotional multiple bet with a bet amount from 100 UAH/3 EUR/4 USD/60 MDL/15 PLN.
4. Bet requirements:
Bet type – «Multiple»;
Bet mode – «Pre-match», «Live» or «Mixed»;
Bet amount – from 3 EUR/4 USD/100 UAH/60 MDL/15 PLN.
Bets labeled «Risk-free» and «Cashout» are not included in the promotion.
Bets in the «Virtual Sports» section are not included in the promotion.
This promotion applies to bets placed on the desktop and mobile versions of our site, and in our mobile app.
5. The calculation and publication of the results and the bonus accrual will be held within 72 hours after the date of the bet calculation. After that, the participant will receive a notification in My Account.
6. In My Account, in the Bonuses section > Funds tab, you must press the «Accept» button within 5 days from the moment when the bonus accrual.
7. One Promotion participant can place an unlimited number of promotional multiple bets during the Promotion period.
8. The daily bonus per one player is 30 EUR/40 USD/1000 UAH/600 MDL/150 PLN. The bonus amount and currency depends on the currency of the winning promotional bet.
9. The bonus will be credited to 3 (three) different Promotion Participants for the best winning multiple bet of the day according to the coupon odds at the end of the day.
10. One Promotion Participant can receive an unlimited number of bonuses during the promotion period, but no more than 1 (one) in one day.
11. Favbet Company reserves the right to cancel any prediction and/or bet, if in our opinion all or part of the outcome comes as a result of fraudulent activities or collusion with other players.
12. Favbet Company reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel this offer at any time.
13. By taking part in this offer, the Customer agrees to these terms and conditions and to the general terms and conditions of Favbet Company.
14. All decisions made by the Favbet Company management team are final.
15. The Company reserves the right to review account transactions at any time and for any reason. If this review reveals that a Customer (or Customers) has employed strategies that the company deems malicious, Favbet Casino is within its right to rescind the Customer's right to the bonus and to further participation in this offer or other Favbet Casino offers. The Company will not provide the Customer with any evidence of malicious activities.
16. This offer is available once per person, family, home address, email address, telephone number, payment wallet, shared computer and IP address.