The Hattrick bonus represents a bonus of 50% of the first payment, 100% of the second and 200% of the third payment during the promotion period.

What is the minimum?
The minimum payment to receive the bonus is HRK 30. In that case, you will receive a bonus of HRK 15 on the first payment, HRK 30 on the second, and HRK 60 on the third.

What is the maximum?
The maximum bonus amount for the first payment is HRK 500, for the second payment it is HRK 1,000, and for the third payment it is HRK 2,000. For example, you paid HRK 1,000, which entitles you to a bonus of HRK 500. The bonus will be transferred to your account if you meet the conditions, i.e. you play tickets with a total value of 4 x 500 = HRK 2,000. Depending on the type of game you bet on, each ticket will increase the required amount for playing according to the rules listed below with a defined percentage of the payment.

In order for the bonuses to be on your account, it is necessary to fulfill the stated conditions. You can unlock the next bonus only after the conditions have been met and the bonus has been awarded on the first payment.

This benefit represents monetary bonuses, and after fulfilling all conditions, they are paid to the account by increasing the balance by the amount of the bonus awarded.

The required amount to be played can be reached in the following ways:

Classic betting – 100% of the payment on tickets with a minimum of 4 events and a minimum individual odds of 1.45 goes into the sum to be played. In the case of system tickets, the minimum number of rows per combination is 4.
Live Betting - 20% of the deposit on tickets with at least 2 events and a minimum single odds of 1.20 goes into the playable amount.
Lottery – 30% payment on tickets with a minimum of 3 selected numbers, namely quick draw tickets – Greek cinema, Polish cinema, Czech cinema, Czech fast cinema, Italian 10e, Spanish express and Hungarian putto. Other lotto games are not included in the amount to be played.
Betting on virtual games - 30% of the payment on non-system tickets with a minimum of two events is included in the amount to be played
The deadline for fulfilling the conditions and unlocking the bonus is 30 days. Anyone who makes a payment for the first time from November 17, 2021 can participate in the promotion.

You can claim the bonus only once per bonus. The Hattrick bonus does not exclude all applicable betting rules. Find all promotion rules here.