Get a 10% Rebate on any net weekly losses incurred while wagering on Horses - deposited right into your wagering account! All rebates are credited to your wagering account every Monday morning!

Terms and conditions:
Example: If you deposit $500 on a Friday, and receive a $50 reload bonus, your total starting balance is $550. During the course of the week of betting horses, your account balance on the last day of the week is $310.

Your total losses for the week were $240, after deducting the bonus. (Please keep in mind that any bonuses given during the week will be deducted from your horse loss when calculating the rebate) Your net losses equal $190. On the following Monday, will credit your account with $19, which is a 10% rebate on your net losses. If you have any questions, send us an email to: [email protected] .

Rebates do not apply to Horse futures, propositions, match-ups, fixed odds markets, or weekly contests.
Rebates will be awarded for wagers placed online only. reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time.
Accounts who are winning in the last 30 days, or lifetime, as well as accounts with withdrawals in the last 30 days, are ineligible for a rebate.
Any rebates earned up to the point of termination will be granted accordingly.
Rebates will be credited to your wagering account every Monday before 3 PM EST.
Please keep in mind Bonuses (comps, loyalty cash & rebates) added during the Mon-Sun week will be deducted when figuring the 10% rebate.
To qualify, the rebate amount must be $1 USD or greater, lesser amounts will not be credited. Rebate amount shall not exceed lifetime net loss amount.