Terms and Conditions:
Our customers who deposit money via Bank Transfer/EFT will be able to benefit from this promotion for each deposit. The deposit must be made in one go. The total of daily deposits is not taken into account.
Only customers who deposit money via Wire Transfer/EFT will be able to benefit from this promotion. Other deposit types are excluded from this promotion.
Your rate of benefiting from this promotion varies according to the amount you deposit.
The ratio of the deposited amount and the bonus amount to be received is stated below.

12.5% ​​for deposits between 1000 TL - 1999 TL

15% for deposits of 2000 TL or more

This bonus is a maximum of 750 TL per day. However, if you are considering a deposit of more than 5000 TL, you can talk about the bonus offer by connecting to the Live Help Service.
The bonuses of our customers who qualify for the bonus will be quickly transferred to their accounts on the day of the deposit. All you have to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] by specifying your username on the day you make the deposit.
The bonus rates mentioned above are for setting general standards. Forvetbet Bonus Unit can rearrange bonus amounts up or down for any member.
The terms of this bonus such as spins etc. will be as stated in the general bonus rules.