1. The Daily 20% Bonus is eligible for every H3bet member who meet all requirements below:

Have chosen MYR as their preferred currency
Have made their first-ever successful deposit into their H3bet account.
2. The Qualified Member can claim their 20% bonus based on the Qualifying Deposit amount with no maximum

Bonus                              Rollover Requirement                                                                                     20%                                        X20 Times

3. The Promotion is not a mandatory, member reserve the right to decline the promotion and its following requirement before the bonus is given.

4. The Bonus received and Deposit amount used for the Bonus are subject to a 20-time rollover requirement on any of H3bet products before request any withdrawals.

5. The calculation of the bonus will be calculated as below: Deposit amount: MYR 1,000 (equivalent to other currencies) Bonus amount = MYR 1,000 x 20% = MYR 200 (equivalent to other currencies) Rollover Requirements before any withdrawals = (MYR 1,000+ MYR 200) x 20 = MYR 24,000 (equivalent to other currencies) The Promotion amount is not allowed to be cancelled once the bonus is used in any of H3bet products.

6. Only bets on H3bet Sportsbook that generate a win/loss return will qualify for this Promotion. Draw bets, cancelled or void bets, bets on odds less than Euro 1.75 or Asia 0.75 and bets on both even chances during a single game will not count towards this Promotion.

7. The rollover requirement will be considered fulfilled if the Member of H3bet account balance is less than the minimum stake amount per currency.

8. H3bet reserves any right to amend or cancelled the Promotion at any time.

9. H3bet is the sole arbiter of the Promotion and its decision is final.

10. H3bet General Terms and Conditions apply.