What is a Surprise Bet and how it works?
At Kwiff we’re building a new and superior betting experience. One that’s bigger, better and more entertaining.

That’s why we don’t follow the crowd when it comes to bet offers with huge wagering requirements. Instead we give out Surprise Bets.

A Surprise Bet is a bet that we make and is generated by our algorithm so could be on any sport or bet type, and will appear in the ‘Cash Out’ section on your app. Winnings are paid out in withdrawable cash, excluding the stake.

The odds on your bet could even get kwiffed. This is when the odds on your bet are suddenly improved. You could get kwiffed on any bet (regardless of the sport, odds or stake) but you can’t control when it happens. When it does, it happens to you and no one else, and it could give you better odds than anyone else, anywhere else.​

Terms & Conditions
A.1 The bet will be placed into the customers “Cash Out” section of the app.

A.2 Customers eligible for a reward will be awarded a sports bet of Kwiff’s choice. The customer will not be able to select the bet.

A.3 Not all bets will be “kwiffed” (supercharged) and any odds increases are subject to the regular terms and conditions; section kwiffed bets.

A.4 If the bet is a winning bet, the customer will receive all winnings (excluding the stake). The winnings will not be subject to any wagering requirements and can be withdrawn.

A.5 Surprise or Free bets once voided will have no stake returned. We shall endeavor to supply an alternative Surprise Bet of the same value.