Football Accumulator Bonus
Get up to 200% bonus for successful accumulators!

Get the most out of your winnings with huge betting bonuses when you place bets on multiples. Now even bigger and better! Turbocharge your football accumulator by up to 200%. Starting from only 4 selections, watch as your bonus percentage increases with the number of your selections.

Min. Odds                          Max. Bonus
1.40                                    200%

Turbocharge your football accumulator by up to 200%. Starting from only 4 selections, watch as your bonus percentage increases with the number of your selections.

  1.  Available On all Football events

  2.  Bet Requirement - Select an ACCA with 4 legs minimum

  3. Claim Offer - Switch on the Odds Boost option on your bet slip

  4. Boosted! - See the increased odds for your bet selection!

Bet Types                                                                  Bonus
4 fold                                                                         4%
5 fold                                                                         7%
6 fold                                                                         11%
7 fold                                                                         15%
8 fold                                                                          20%
9 fold                                                                          25%
10 fold                                                                        30%
11 fold                                                                        35%
12 fold                                                                        40%
13 fold                                                                        45%
14 fold                                                                        50%
15 fold                                                                        55%
16 fold                                                                        60%
17 fold                                                                        65%
18 fold                                                                        70%
19 fold                                                                        80%
20 fold                                                                        90%
21 fold                                                                        100%
22 fold                                                                        110%
23 fold                                                                        120%
24 fold                                                                        130%
25 fold                                                                         140%
26 fold                                                                         150%
27 fold                                                                         160%
28 fold                                                                          170%
29 fold                                                                          180%
30 fold                                                                           200%

Terms & Conditions:
> The ‘Accumulator (ACCA) Bonus’ is automatically assigned when you login and does not need to be claimed
> The offer will grant you an increased winnings percentage on all your multiple bets in accordance with the above table
> Once your multiple bet has at least 4 selections, you will see the boost percentage selector at the bottom of your bet slip
> The minimum odds to qualify for the bonus is 1.40 per selection
> You must click on the Boost Percentage selector on your bet slip to activate the boost
> The maximum number of events on which you can receive a boost is limited to 30
> This promotion applies to all football events.
> The maximum boost percentage is limited to 200%
> Bet Builder bets or bets placed on the same event do not count towards the boost
> If a selection within a multiple is canceled or made void, it will not count towards the number of selections defining your boost percentage
> The boost will not apply in cashed out multiples
> System bets do not qualify for the boost
> The ACCA boost offer is limited to one per person, IP address, Residential address, or device
IZIBET reserves the right to amend or stop the ‘Accumulator Bonus’ offer at our discretion
Bonus and General Terms & Conditions apply

IZIBET ACCA Bonus. Exclusively online!
This ACCA bonus is an exclusive IZIBET Online feature that gives you the opportunity not only to have your odds enhanced, but also to give you bonuses on top of these increased odds. The more selections you add to your bet, the bigger your bonus will be! Just adding to the many features and promotions already offered at IZIBET Online, the ACCA bonus boost offers players up to 200% on their multiples bets.

Boost your odds at IZIBET Online

Regular accumulator bets allow players to add multiple selections on various markets to one bet slip. The outcome of the match or event will determine whether the wager has been successful. With various selections in place, players will need to ensure that all selections are met within the bet slip to secure a profit. Accumulator betting will boost odds for players, but the bonus on accumulator feature means that players will get an added bonus percentage for every extra selection they make.

With 30 folds and upwards, you get a massive 200% bonus and supercharge your winnings. Added to the already raised odds, this boost makes the wager that much more desirable, and the outcome that much more profitable!

How can I bet on ACCA boost with IZIBET?

By signing into your IZIBET online account and making selections to add to your accumulator, you will be entitled to a bonus multiplier from four folds onwards. The tiered bonus table will dictate what percentage you’re entitled to. This feature can be applied to football matches ranging from the Premier League to the Champions League and markets therein.

An exclusive IZIBET feature

This brilliant feature offered by IZIBET allows players to get the most out of their betting. For players that bet using accumulators regularly, this is especially exciting as they are getting much more bang for their buck. Why go for a normal ACCA when you can turbocharge your bet and your winnings? Play at IZIBET and be a winner.