Terms and conditions:
1. Minimum bet per party is 50K
2. Especially for HT / FT Football bets, no mix-ups and no walking balls.
3. All bets must be placed on only 1 type of Sportbook, no mix-ups.
4. Only valid for HDP and O/U market. Must WIN FULL all.
5. Not valid for Early Match market.
6. Not valid for Virtual Sport & E-Games
7. There must not be the same team in the Win Streak claim.
8. Reject, Cancel, Abandoned, and Postponed = Invalid (calculated from the beginning again).
9. Events cannot be claimed if there are still ongoing bets (OUTSTANDING)
10. Each member can only claim 1 (one) ticket per day. Claim time starts from 12.00 WIB - 11.59 WIB the next day.
11. Events are calculated based on the report in the statement.
12. Win Streak tickets can be claimed via Telegram IndoAce @event_indoace.
13. This event cannot be combined with JP PARLAY EVENT and LOSE 1 PARLAY EVENT.
14. This event must be completed within 1x24 hours, starting from 12:01 WIB noon -12:00 the next day.
15. If you have won 5 times in a row and then played for the 6th team and the result is LOSE / DRAW, then the 5 winning teams cannot be claimed, will be counted from the beginning again.

Example :
- First Bet Win
- Second Bet Win
- Third Bet Win
- Fourth Bet Win
- Fifth Bet Win (No Claim)
- Sixth Bet Draw / Lose (then the 5 winning teams cannot be claimed and start from the beginning)

16. Odds Per Match Terms:
- Indo Odds (ID) Min -1.20 and Max 2.00 (odds -1.21 onwards invalid, odds 2.01 onwards invalid)
- Hong Kong (HK) Odds Min 0.80 and Max 2.00 (odds 0.79 onwards invalid, odds 2.01 onwards invalid)
17. The bonus will be canceled if it is found that there are similar IPs, Data Bank errors, and having more than one account.
18. The decision of IndoAce Management is final and cannot be contested.
19. IndoAce Management reserves the right to change this event at any time without prior notification.
The prize given is 3x of the first bet nominal, with a maximum prize as follows:

Event Rewards:
Win Streak Maximum Prize
5x Win Streak IDR 500,000
6x Win Streak IDR 800,000
7x Win Streak IDR 1,200,000
8x Win Streak IDR 2,000,000