Terms and conditions:
Team            Stake 10K           Stake 30K                  Stake 50K                      Stake  100K
5 Teams           20%                   20%                             20%                                  20%
6 Team            20%                   25%                             25%                                  25%
7 Team            20%                   30%                             30%                                  30%
8 Teams           20%                   35%                             35%                                  35%
9 Team            20%                   40%                             40%                                  40%
10 Teams         20%                   45%                             45%                                  45%
Max Bonus RP 2,500,000    RP 5,000,000               RP 7,500,000                 RP 10,000,000

* Percentage figures are calculated after the Payout Value is reduced by Capital
1. Min Odds 1.70, Max Odds 2.35
2. Only valid for the type of football sport with HDP, O/U, O/E and 1X2 markets for HT & FT
3. Not valid for Virtual Sport, E-Games, Early Match and In-Running (BOJAL) matches.
4. FULL WIN MANDATORY for all matches.
5. Not valid if there are results of DRAW, WIN HALF, LOSE HALF, REJECTED, VOID, CANCELLED, POSTPONED
6. Maximum Claim 1x per day.
7. The maximum limit for claiming hours is 11.00 WIB (GMT+7) noon, there may NOT be a match that has been completed for more than 24 hours
8. Claims are NOT VALUABLE if betting tickets have been used for 5 TEAM PARLAY COMPETITION
9. Claims are NOT VALID if the Member is still participating in the NEW MEMBER BONUS promo
10. Safety Bet, Bill Washing through Single Bet and other Parlays are prohibited.
11. IndoAce has the right to unilaterally cancel the bonus if an indication of fraud is found.
12. Terms & Conditions may change at any time without prior notice.
13. The decision of IndoAce Management is ABSOLUTE.
1. MUST share betting tickets BEFORE KICK-OFF on the official Indoace Facebook group using the hashtag #XtraWinParlay
2. There is no limit to the number of betting tickets you want to share
3. Tickets that are not shared before KICK-OFF with the excuse of Forgotten, Deleted, etc. are declared invalid.
4. Claim the XTRA WIN PARLAY bonus MANDATORY via Telegram @event_indoace by including the permalink of the Facebook share post.