Get insurance of the bet and secure yourself with the victory.

You need a guarantee that the bet will win?
At any time of the match, get insurance and be sure about the winning.
Insurance guarantees the safety of money in case of any outcome of the match.

You can insure any bet of the single or accumulator type
Choose bet insurance - the cost will be calculated directly in the bet slip
If the bet wins - all the winnings are yours
If the bet loses, we will instantly return the insured amount to the account


1.1 The general time frame of the promotion is from 10.09.2020.

2.1 Only those who have an account on the website may participate in this promotion.

3.1 Bet insurance is a paid service that is guaranteed to exclude the possibility of losing a bet. The client will receive all possible winnings in case of victory, or he/she will be refunded with the amount of the bet in case of a loss.
3.2 The cost of insurance depends on the current coefficient for the event for which insurance is issued.
For example. The bet is 100 USD. with a coefficient of 1.8. The player has purchased insurance for 100% of the bet. The company offers an insurance amount of 47 USD. In case of an agreement, 47 USD will be debited from the account.

> If the bet wins, the amount of 180 USD will be paid to the bet participant.
> If the bet loses, then the company pays 100 USD because the bet was insured for 100 USD (the entire bet amount).
> If the bet is calculated as a return (with coefficient "1"), then the insurance amount will be returned to the account.
3.3 It is allowed to issue several insurances for the same bet.
> For example, first a bettor can insure 10%, then 30%, then another 50% of the bet. At the same time, depending on the current change in the coefficients, the cost of insurance may change.
> In total, the number of all purchased insurances cannot exceed 100% of the bet.
3.4 Insurance can be issued in the personal account in the betting history at any time of the match, provided that the service is available in the bet slip.
3.5 If the insured bet slip passes into the “Loss” status, the bet participants are refunded the part of the bet that they insured.
3.6 Insurance can be issued for single and accumulator bets made for the client's money. If an accumulator insurance is issued, the cost of the service includes the coefficients of all events in the bet slip.
3.7 The bet participant has the right to accept the proposed conditions or refuse to insure the bet slip at the specified price.
3.8 You cannot refuse an already issued insurance. It is not possible to apply insurance to a bet slip containing a calculated event.
3.9 Bets made with bonus funds, with a freebet or promo code cannot be insured. You cannot use the "Cash Out" function for an insured bet.

4.1 The promoter reserves the right to terminate the provision of the service at any time and in relation to any events without giving reasons. The bet insurance operation may be canceled if technical problems occurred at any stage of the service. Bets in all such cases are calculated in the general order based on the game results.
4.2 The promoter independently determines the bets for which insurance can be obtained. The promoter is not responsible in cases where the service is unavailable due to a technical failure.
4.3 In case of any disputes regarding the right to participate, the final decision is to be taken by the Promoter. Such a decision is binding and not a subject to appeal by a Participant or any third party.
4.4 In case the Promoter finds that they have become a victim of fraud or money laundering, they may cancel the Participant's right to receive the Prize. Any violation of these rules leads to the annulment of participation, as well as to the adoption of additional measures aimed at preventing such actions.
5 4The terms and conditions of this Promotion may be amended or supplemented both during the period of its conduct, and at any other time.