Not sure about the latest accumulator event or about the outcome on the whole?
You need money, and it's too long to wait until the event is calculated?
Your betting coefficient has changed dramatically?
Use the bet buyback and get the money immediately!

1. Go to «my bets» or «bets history»
2. Use bet buyback
3. Collect money

The offer is valid for all bets of "single" and "accumulator" types made in Live and Prematch modes, marked with the special symbol "bet buyback".
You can find the amount of the buyback next to the needed bet in «bets history» or «my bets».
Upon confirmation of the request for “bet buyback” , the bet will be calculated immediately and the indicated amount of funds will be credited to your account balance.


1.1 The general time frame of the promotion is from 01.03.2020.

2.1 Only those who have an account on the website may participate in this promotion.

3.1 “Bet buyback” is the functionality offered by the promoter of a betting game, within the framework of which a participant in a betting game can change the conditions of a previously made bet using a special coefficient and determining the time for calculating the event. The purpose of the “bet buyback” is to fix the result of the bet/step until the outcome of the event under the conditions proposed by the organizer of betting games.
3.2 The offer to “buy back the bet” is valid for single bets from the line on the site, both before the start of these events and during their conduct (live-bets). The organizer reserves the right not to make an offer to “buy back bets” on individual matches and/or outcomes. An offer to “buy back a bet” is a right, and not an obligation, of a betting game organizer.
3.3 You can “buy back a bet” after it has been made by a participant in a betting game and until the “buy-back” offer is valid for this bet. In some cases, an offer to “buy back a bet” may not be available for technical reasons (impossibility to broadcast a match, technical errors in displaying an account, etc.). After eliminating technical problems, the offer to “buy back the bet” may be resumed. The organizer of a betting game is not responsible for the inaccessibility of the functionality of "bet buyback."
3.4 The buyback price is displayed in the bet voucher. The "bet buyback" price may vary and it is calculated separately for each specific outcome of the event at the discretion of the organizer.
3.5 The organizer reserves the right to cancel the action of the betting game participant to “buy back the bet” in the following cases
Due to technical problems;
- The buyback price was stated incorrectly;
- The “bet buyback” was made after the betting game participant became aware of the outcome of the event on which the bet was made.
In case of cancellation of the “bet buyback” action, the calculation will be made in accordance with the outcome of the sporting event on which the betting game participant made a bet.
3.6 The organizer of the betting game reserves the right to change the conditions or refuse to offer functionality for “bet buyback” without explanation.
3.7 During the “bet buyback” vouchers are marked with a special status and cannot participate in promotions and other marketing activities, and they are also not taken into account as a step (bet) at the corresponding interactive bet.
3.8 An example of the "bet buyback" functionality
A betting game participant makes a bet of 10 usd on the outcome of a sports event W1 with a coefficient of 2.
During a sporting event, the situation became favorable for the bettor, and the coefficient changed from 2 to 1.4. A bet participant can wait until the end of a sporting event, expecting to receive the full amount of potential winnings (20 usd); or “buy back the bet” at the current moment, and the bettor will be guaranteed to receive part of the potential winnings (12 usd *).
This functionality also works in the opposite direction
A betting game participant makes a bet of 10 usd on the outcome of a sports event W1 with a coefficient of 2.
During a sporting event, the situation became unfavorable for the bettor, and the coefficient changed from 2 to 3. In this case, a “bet buyback ” may be offered to the bettor, during which the bettor will retain part of his bet (5 usd*)
* The amounts are selected as an example, and may differ from those proposed on the website under similar circumstances of a sporting event. When calculating the amount of a “bet buyback”, a special coefficient is applied, the value of which directly depends on the circumstances in the sporting event at a given time.
3.9 The participant can apply the bet buyback functionality to an unlimited number of bets.

4.1 In case of any disagreements concerning the right to participate in the promotion, the receiving of the prizes or these terms and conditions, the final decision is made by the Promoter. Such decision shall be binding and cannot be subject to appeal by the Participant or any third party.
4.2 Decisions of the organizer of the action on all issues related to the Promotion, as well as the results of the promotion are considered final and apply to all participants after the publication on the website
4.3 In case the Promoter finds that they have become a victim of fraud or money laundering, they may cancel the Participant's right to receive the Prize. Any violation of these rules leads to the annulment of participation, as well as to the adoption of additional measures aimed at preventing such actions.
4.4 The terms and conditions of this Promotion may be amended or supplemented both during the period of its conduct, and at any other time.