In September, with the Betting Chance promotion, midweeks also offer the opportunity to get a bonus.
From 5th to 7th, from 12th to 14th and from 28th to 30th you can receive a cash-back of up to € 50 for each cycle!

If you bet tickets from:
€ 10 to € 50: 10% refund on non-winning multiple bets;
€ 51 to € 100: 15% refund on non-winning multiple bets;
over € 100: 20% refund on non-winning multiple bets

You can participate in one or more events of the promotional edition by sending your membership.

Terms and Conditions:
The “ Betting chance ” promotion is available from 5 to 30 September 2022 and is divided into three cycles with dates 5-7 / 09; 12-14 / 09; 28-30 / 09. All users who subscribe to each edition can participate through the button on the promotional page.
The user is responsible for the correct insertion of his account ID for the purpose of participating in the promotional initiative and is explicitly requested as it is the only unique data useful for the recognition of each user; therefore, entering the username will not be valid.
For the purpose of the promotional calculation, the difference between the sum of the bets made on multiple events played in the promotional period cycle and all the reported winnings of the same multiple tickets in the promotional period cycle with a variable percentage in relation to the amount will be taken into consideration. played for a single ticket.
For the purpose of disbursement of the bonus, the user must have a total passive amount throughout the promotional period.
A 10% refund of non-winning bets will be applied to all multiple tickets with an amount from € 10 to € 50; A 15% refund of non-winning bets will be applied to all multiple tickets with an amount from € 51 to € 100; A 20% refund of non-winning bets will be applied to all multiple tickets with amounts over € 100.
The maximum weekly amount that the user can aspire to is € 50 for each cycle, for a total of € 150 over the promotional period.
The Bonus will be spent on sports bets consisting of at least 3 events and odds for each event> = 1. 8 0 within 7 days of crediting and must be played at least once in order to withdraw the corresponding winnings. It will be paid within 3 days from the end of the initiative exclusively to accounts with validated identity, not self-suspended, active at the time of joining and with the association to the account of a NON-temporary e-mail account (such as Yopmail ).
The status of the Bonus is visible in the Your Account / Bonus List section.
The promoter of the initiative reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel or modify the promotion, not to disburse the bonus to those who are not entitled and to those who apply illegal and unsportsmanlike conduct or who already enjoy a deal including activities for using the non-exclusive account to the holder.