If you choose 10% OFFLINE Bonus to Crypto Money Methods from Jestbahis, it will be in your account at the same time as your investment.

1. This promotion is for our users who deposit money on sports bets with Cryptor Money investment methods. Transfers between accounts and requests after your withdrawal are not eligible for this bonus!
The maximum amount of bonus that can be received during the 2nd day is 150 TL in total.
3. In order to receive your bonus, you can choose it automatically when investing or request it from the live support line without using the investment.
4. There is no right to receive bonuses for newly made investments while there is money in the balance of the member or you have an open coupon.
5. You have to convert the bonus amount you have received once at the rate of 1.50 in sports bets. In addition, after completing 1.30 main money conversion, withdrawals or transfers to other wallets can be made.
6. No bonus will be given to your investments within 24 hours of making a withdrawal. (It will be based on the time you make a withdrawal request.)
7. Our members who benefit from this bonus cannot benefit from other promotions at the same time.
8. Jestbahis reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or change the terms and conditions of this bonus without notice. It also reserves the right not to give bonuses to accounts belonging to people it deems necessary. It is the player's own responsibility to follow the current terms and conditions of any bonus.
9. In addition to these rules, the General rules and conditions of our site are also included.