1 - The jackpot is played in 13 pre-selected football competitions. There will be 3 reserved matches for possible cancellations.
2 - The jackpot starting prize pool is predetermined and can be increased while the jackpot participation period continues.
3 - The jackpot starts with the publication of the lists and continue until the first match starts.
4 - The betting price of jackpot is 1.000 TZS. Each player can place a maximum of 5 bets.
5 - In order to participate in the jackpot, you must have made a minimum deposit of 1,000 TZS in Sokabet.
6 - The total prize pool is shared among the winners at certain rates. Prize pool rates will be as follows :

Pool for 13 winners : %85 of total prize pool
Pool for 12 winners : %10 of total prize pool
Pool for 11 winners : %5 of total prize pool

7 - If there is more than one player in 13 - 12 or 11 winners, the relevant winning pool will be divided equally among these players.

eg. if there is 4 players in 13 winners :
(100.000.000 Total prize pool) * 85% = (85.000.000 13 winner prize pool)
(85.000.000 13 winner prize pool) / 4 player = 21.250.000 For each player.

8 - The prize pool of the non-winner jackpots will transferred to the next week's jackpot pool.
9 - If one or more of the competitions in first 13 matches of the jackpot list are canceled or postponed, 24 hours will be waited; if the matches are not played again within this period, reserved matches will be added to the jackpot list in order.
10 - If 4 or more competitions are canceled, the relevant jackpot will be cancel and bets that placed on the jackpot will not be refunded. The prize pool will transferred to the next week's jackpot pool.
11 - SOKABET reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or the rules and prizes of the promotions or cancel it at any time without further notice.
12. Sokabet reserves the right to announce the Jackpot winner and to use his/her photo as a testimonial on media.