How many times have you been just one ticket event away from a fantastic win?
We don't want you to be denied the winnings of master tickets!
In Maxbet and in the case of one missed event, expect a CashBack bonus of up to an incredible 100X stake on every ticket with 4+ events if the product of the other affected odds on the ticket is at least 25!

All non-winning tickets with only one missed event qualify for the CashBack bonus, provided that at least 4 events have been played on the ticket and the product of the affected odds of the played events is at least 25.
System tickets do not qualify for the CashBack bonus.
The cashback bonus is automatically allocated to the player's cash account immediately after the ticket is processed.
The cashback bonus is calculated according to the following table:
Product of affected odds                  CashBack bonus amount
25+ Bet                                                  x1
50+ Stake                                               x2
100+ Bet                                                 x5
500+ Stake                                                x10
1000+ Stake                                                x20
2000+ Stake                                                x100