Place a 3+ leg Same Game Multi on selected games and get a refund (up to $50) as a Bonus Bet if you lose by one leg.

This week's qualifying Premier League games:

Sunday 2 October

12:30am: Arsenal v Tottenham

Monday 3 October

2:00am: Man City v Man United
8:00am: Leicester City v Nottingham Forest

*Applies to selected Same Game Multis only. Excludes in-play options. Bonus Bets must be used within seven days of receiving the reward.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Subject to condition 3, place a Same Game Multi bet in accordance with condition 2 (a “Qualifying Bet”) on selected matches as advertised above (a "Same Game Claim Match") and if your bet misses by 1 leg only (i.e. only 1 leg of the Same Game Multi bet is unsuccessful, all other legs of the Same Game Multi bet are correct) the TAB will refund your bet (a “Promotion Refund”), up to a maximum of $50 in Bonus Bets (the “Maximum Amount”). Qualifying Bets that are refunded/voided are not eligible for any Promotion Refund.
2. For the purposes of this Promotion, a Qualifying Bet is a Same Game Multi bet:
1. With at least three (3) or more legs/options;
2. That contains only Same Game Multi Options on the Same Game Claim Match;
3. Does not contain Betting Options that are In-Play at the time the Same Game Multi bet is placed;
4. That is placed through the Account Holder’s TAB Account; and
5. Otherwise comply with these terms and conditions.
3. This Promotion applies to an Account Holder's first Same Game Multi Bet (as recorded against the TAB's computer) on a Same Game Claim Match. Subsequent bets on the Same Game Claim Match will not be considered a Qualifying Bet and will not be eligible for the Promotion. An Account Holder may only receive one (1) Promotion Refund (if any) for each Same Game Claim Match.
4. Bonus Bets, Boosted Bets, In-Play bets, and bets that are Cashed Out are not eligible for this Promotion. Only Qualifying Bets placed through the Account Holder's TAB Account will be eligible for this Promotion. Bets placed via a manned terminal or self service terminal will not be eligible. Bets that are placed after a bet is Cashed Out (and that bet would have otherwise been a Qualifying Bet) are also not eligible for this Promotion, i.e. the first bet remains the Cashed Out bet, and that bet is not eligible for a Promotion Refund
5. If an Account Holder is eligible for a Promotion Refund, TAB will pay the Promotion Refund in the amount of the Qualifying Bet or in the amount of the Maximum Amount, whichever is the lower. No Promotion Refund will exceed the Maximum Amount. Bonus Bet Refunds will be paid to the Account Holder’s TAB account within 24 hours of the completion of the Same Game Claim Match.
6. Unless otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions, Bonus Bets are subject to the Terms and Conditions for Bonus Bets, available here. At its sole discretion, the TAB may apply any Promotion Refund as a cash payment to the relevant TAB Account.
7. TAB may, without limitation, withdraw an Account Holder's eligibility for this Promotion at any time, cancel this Promotion without notice, or amend these terms and conditions without notice.
8. Where an Account Holder's eligibility for TAB promotions has been withdrawn by the TAB ("TAB Promotion Ineligible"), then that Account Holder is not eligible for this Promotion (including where the Account Holder becomes TAB Promotion Ineligible during this Promotion).
9. All Qualifying Bets, and bets made with a Promotion Refunds, are subject to TAB betting rules.
10. Promotion available on the above listed dates only.