Get Cash Back If Your Horse Comes in 2nd or 3rd With Money Back Special on Select Races
The best racing action around the world is even better this fall with our Money Back Special on select races! Simply check below for the list of eligible races, then bet to win. If your first single horse win wager on a race finishes 2nd or 3rd* we’ll refund you up to $10 per race.

*Please note: Money back for 3rd place is not available on races with less than 8 betting interests. Races must have 6 or more betting interests for money back for 2nd place. Please allow up to two hours for promotional payouts.

How To Play!
1 Opt in once for all eligible races

2 Place a WIN wager on a single horse in an eligible race

3 Refund up to $10 if you finish 2nd or 3rd*