Predict all 8 correctly and win £1,000 in Free Bets

All you have to do is pick which of the selected Premier League players will earn most points on Fantasy Football each week.

We’ll pick 8 match ups based on the weekend’s fixtures, get all 8 correct and you’ll receive up to £1,000 in Free Bets!

The game is free to play and you can compete for the prize every game week.

How to play?
Step 1. Pick the player you think will earn the most Fantasy Premier League points in each of the 8 match ups

Step 2. Once you’ve selected your 8 players, submit your entry.

Step 3. Get all 8 selections correct and you will win up to £1,000 in Free Bets!.

Example: The selected players in match up 1 are Kane, Grealish, De Bruyne & Son. If Kane earns 12 points in Fantasy Premier League but the other 3 players earn a lower amount of points, Kane will be considered the winning selection.

Note: Results are based on the Official Premier League Fantasy Football points system.

Terms & Conditions.
1. Promotion is valid for selected rounds of the 2022/2023 Premier League season.
2. To enter make your player selections 1 hour prior to the opening Premier League game, each week.
3. Entry opens when the game is available on site
4 Predictions can be edited throughout the week up to 1-hour prior opening Epic 8 fixture. The final submission you make will be considered your entry and older entries will be VOID.
5. In the event that 4 or more players do not start or are ruled out of a game week in the 8 match ups, this will void the game week.
6. Winner of each player match up will be decided based on the Official Premier League Fantasy Football results i.e., which player earns more Fantasy Points.
7. To win the prize, you must get all 8 Player selections correct. Prize = £1,000 in Free Bets. Note if there are multiple winners in a game week, the prize will be shared equally between winners.
8. Prizes will be credited to winning accounts within 48 hours.
9. Not available to customers who have been previously informed that they are not eligible for promotions.
10. This game is no way affiliated with the FA Premier League or its fantasy football competition.
11. We reserve the right to cancel this promotion at any time.