Exceed our Max Bet Limit, INCREASE your possible WINS!
Place your Super Bets through the new Super Bet feature.

What is a Super Bet?
* Super Bet is one of our features, that gives you the chance to place bets that exceed the Max Bet Limit.

How to place a super bet?
Step 1 > You can place a Super Bet by clicking the Super Bet button at the right bottom corner of VBET's Sports section and activating the opportunity.
Step 2 > After completing the first steps, you can choose any Pre-Match Sports event.
Step 3 > Next, go to the Super Bet section's Bet part and insert your preferred sum which can exceed our Max Bet Limit. By placing the size of the Super Bet, you will see your Possible Win at the bottom part.
Step 4 > By clicking on the Place a Bet button, your request will be sent to our specialist.
Step 5 > If our specialists confirm your placed bet amount in a max of 10 minutes, then the Super Bet is considered accepted.
Step 6 > The request to place a Super Bet can be either accepted or rejected. In both cases, you will see a notification of acceptance or rejection on your screen.