Tons of ZEmiles to be won on our social networks!

1/ Offer valid only for active Zeturf accounts (having already deposited and placed at least one settled bet in the last 62 days).

2/ Challenges take place regularly on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

3/ The winnings announced in the posts will be distributed among the ZEturf accounts eligible for the draws.

4/ For the same contest (an identical question asked on Facebook and Twitter), only one set of Freebets will be shared and a single overall draw will take place combining the Facebook and Twitter responses.

5 / The draw will be made within 7 days after the announcement of the posts.

6/ Only punters who have liked the ZEtuf Facebook page (in the event of a Facebook contest) or followed the ZEturf Twitter account (in the event of a Twitter contest), AND who have complied with the instructions given in the posts (action to be carried out + date and time participation limit) will be eligible for the draws.

7/ In the event of several participations from the same player account, it will always be the first answer in date that will be taken into account. A single gain can be distributed at most per player account on all social networks for the same challenge.

8/ The winners will be contacted privately on the social network concerned by the ZEturf account and must indicate the login of their ZEturf account.

9/ Each winner's ZEturf account will be credited in the form of ZEmiles within 7 days.

10/ Players betting on are not eligible for operations.