- Invite your friends to play on parlay4d to get a referral bonus.

- Make sure your friends register using the referral link from your ID, or you can provide your own referral code (according to your parlay4d id).

- If your friend has successfully registered using your referral code, then your friend will be included in the REFERRAL LIST in your id.

If it is not included in the list, it means that your friend entered your referral code incorrectly.

- 1% referral bonus is calculated from the TURNOVER of your downline (friends you refer) .

- To claim the bonus, you must submit the referral bonus application form.

If you see a bonus number written in red next to all game names, it means that you have a referral bonus in the game, and you can already apply for the bonus, the admin will process it in less than 1 minute to enter the bonus number into your balance. your bonus. The submission method is very easy, for example, if you have a referral bonus in the PPLAY slot game, then you must select the PPLAY SLOT game in the GAME NAME column, then click APPLY. After that, wait 1 minute, then the bonus will be added to your bonus balance.

- If you want to transfer it to your MAIN balance, then you must fill out the form.

If you have filled in the nominal, please click APPLY, the admin will process it in less than 1 minute.

Starting on 18 September 2022, the parlay4d referral bonus does not apply to bloggers who get referrals from keyword brands. ID will be locked, and if you want to find referrals using a blog, we only accept referral hunter partners from popular keywords.