1. The bonus only applies to mix parlay games, for all types of sportsbooks available on parlay4d.

2. Minimum must install 8 matches / tickets, and a minimum bet of Rp. 25,000 / ticket.

3. Max bet 1x2 in 1 ticket is only allowed 3 matches. If more than 3 matches in 1 ticket, then you are not entitled to participate and claim this HOKI BONUS promo.

4. Bonus is only valid if in 1 ticket (8TEAM) full win. if there is 1 match that wins half, it will be considered forfeited.

5. Bonuses can only be claimed no later than 1x24 hours after your ticket is declared winning. after that time, will be considered forfeited.

6. The bonus is only valid once a day. resets at 00.00.

7. Bonus is only valid for 1 ticket per day per ID. If 1 ID penetrates 2 tickets, only 1 ticket can be claimed to get a HOCI BONUS.

8. To take part in this promo, a maximum of 1 ticket is only allowed to install as many as 10 teams. if 8 teams win in full, and 2 teams lose, you can still claim the HOKI BONUSES in the sportsbook that we provide. a minimum of 8 full winning matches in 1 ticket is an absolute rule and cannot be negotiated.

9. If fraud is detected such as a safety bet or others, then parlay4d has the right not to withdraw the bonus.