I. Details:

• Members who refer friends to participate in entertainment at Dragon Tiger will receive a bonus based on the number of successful referral members in a month according to the table below:

Referrals                     Bonus/referrer                        Monthly bonus

10                                100,000 won                           1 million

6                                  100,000 won                           500,000 won

3                                  100,000 won                           200,000 yen

1~2                             100,000 won                                0

• Promotion period: from now until 23:59:59 (GMT +7) on October 31, 2022

II. Steps to take:
• Members refer friends to register new accounts via the link:
• After successfully referring friends to register for an account, members contact Rong Ho's 24/7 Customer Care Department via Livechat, Zalo or Email to provide information about the referred person for confirmation.

III. Condition:

• Dragon Tiger members with deposit transactions during the promotion period can participate in this promotion.
• Successfully introduced members need to satisfy the following 2 conditions:
- The account is verified and meets the conditions as a completely new member account at Rong Ho.
- The account has a total successful deposit transaction of at least 500,000 VND.
• Referred member accounts can participate in other promotions of Rong Ho if they satisfy the conditions of these programs.
• Bonus on each successfully referred member will be credited to the main account after 03 working days since the above conditions are satisfied.
• Monthly bonus based on the number of successful referrals in the month will be credited to the main account after 03 working days of the next month.
• Members need to complete 03 rounds of betting the bonus amount before making a withdrawal order.
• General rules for all promotions apply and the final decision belongs to Dragon Tiger.