Now the Profit Booster feature is available on VBET. Deposit and activate the Profit Booster to increase your possible net win of any bet.

What is Profit Booster?

It’s a new feature that allows you to boost your net win by 5% - 20% every day.

How to use Profit Booster
> First, deposit to make Profit Booster available for you (see deposit amounts below).
> Then, if you want to apply the feature to any bet, add the bet to your bet slip and activate the > Profit Booster by pressing the Push-Pull plunger.
> Profit Boost information will appear underline showing the boost percentage and boost amount.

Deposit Amounts                      Boost of Net Wins                              Max Bet Amount                    (or equivalent currency)                                                                      (or equivalent currency)                   €10 – €25                                         20%                                                 Up to €10                           €25.01 – €50                                      15%                                                  Up to €25                           €50.01 – €75                                      10%                                                  Up to €50                          €75.01 – €100                                      8%                                                   Up to €75                        €100.01 and more                                5%                                                   Up to €100

*The offer refers to the first deposit of the day and the net win of a bet.

*The Profit Booster can be applied only once daily by each Player.

For example your first deposit amount is €70 (or equivalent), you will get an opportunity to boost your win by 10%, which you can use on any bet of eligible amount. If you have placed a bet of €50 (or equivalent) with odds of 5, for which you have activated the Profit Boost feature and won the bet, your win will be calculated as follows:

Win = €50 (bet) x 5 (odds) = €250

Net win = €250 (win) - €50 (bet) = €200

Profit Boost = €200 (net win) x 10% = €20

Boosted Win = €250 (win) + €20 (profit boost) = €270

Other Provisions:
> The offer will be available from April 30 for all verified VBET users.
> During the promo period, you can make use of the offer every day from 00:00 to 23:59 CET for the first deposit.
> During the promo period, the profit booster percentage refers to the net win of the bet selected by the feature, i.e. it boosts your net win.
> The offer is valid for all single and multiple bets without limitations on odds and events.
> Bets placed via free bets and in the PINNACLE Sportsbook section are not eligible for the offer.
> Bets that applied Partial Cash-out feature, are not eligible for this offer.
> Bets that applied the Profit Booster feature cannot qualify for the other bonus offers.
> Each Participant using this offer confirms to have read and agreed to these terms.
> The VBET General Terms and Conditions apply.