Ready-made bonuses and wins!

You want to place a ready-made Multiple bet but don’t know what events to pick? Our new MULTIPLE OF THE DAY feature is made just for you!

VBET SportsBook specialists have created ready-made Multiple bets that will bring you an Express bonus!

Use the Multiple of the Day feature and get


How the Feature Works?
> Using the Multiple of the Day feature, you can place Multiple bets on events pre-selected for you by our specialists and get an express bonus!

How to Use the Multiple of the Day feature?
> Log in to your VBET gaming account.
> Go to the Sports section.
> Select the Multiple of the Day on the left part of the screen.
> See the ready-made Multiple bet options and the amount of the possible express bonus.
> Select any one of them and choose your bet amount.
> Click on the Place a Bet button.

> You cannot delete or change any events in the Multiple of the Day.
> You can receive the Express bonus only by using the Multiple of the Day feature. If you select the same matches as in the Multiple of the Day but place a separate Multiple bet without using the feature, you will not receive any bonuses.

> With the Multiple of the Day feature, our specialist automatically raises the odds of your Multiple bet by X%, and your win is paid out according to the changed (raised) odds.
> With Multiple of the Day, you can place bets with both real money and bonus money.


A simple example with 3 matches

Team 1 – Team 2                   Bet on the 2’s victory (W2)            Odds - 2.90

Team 3 - Team 4                    Bet on the 1’s victory (W1)            Odds - 1.50

Team 5 - Team 6                    Bet on the 2’s victory (W2)            Odds - 2.52

> All odds are multiplied by each other (2.90 * 1.50 * 2.52), making up a total of 10.962 odds, the user can win an extra X% Express Bonus.
> 10.962 * 10 = 109,62 Winning
> Bonus - 10% (109,62 * %10)=10,96
> Total winning - 109,62+10,96=120,58
> The Bonus is awarded in exchange for the Total Winning.