Bonus Terms:
1. All new players can claim a Sport Bonus on the first 3 deposits from 09/01/2022. according to the terms of the Bonus.
2. The bonus is received automatically on the first 3 payments to the player's account:
> On the first deposit, the player receives a 50% bonus for payments up to EUR 100
> On the second deposit, the player receives a 100% bonus for payments up to EUR 100
> On the third deposit, the player receives a 200% bonus for payments up to EUR 100
3. The player will receive a notification after the first deposit that he has received 2 bonuses, after which he should choose the bonus to use.
4. The bonus is selected on the player's profile in the Bonuses section. The bonus is chosen in the same way after the second and third deposit.
5. If the player chooses the Sport bonus for the first deposit, he will no longer be able to use the Casino Bonus for the first deposit.
6. If the player chooses the Sport Bonus for the second deposit, he will no longer be able to use the Casino Bonus for the second deposit.
7. If the player chooses the Sport bonus for the third deposit, he will no longer be able to use the Casino Bonus for the third deposit.
8. The minimum deposit to claim any bonus is 10 EUR.
9. In case the player pays more than the maximum bonus amount on any of the first three deposits, he receives the maximum specified bonus amount.
10. The bonus cannot be used to play until it is released.
11. To release the bonus, it is necessary to invest real money 8 times the value of the received bonus at the bookmaker (Sport and Live) at a minimum odds of 2.0 for single bets or at a minimum of 3.00 total odds on a multi ticket where an individual event has a minimum odds of 1.40.
12. The bonus is released partially by 25%, this means that when a quarter of the bonus is released, that 1/4 of the released bonus goes to the actual balance and can be used for all games.
13. The maximum bonus amount is 50 EUR for the first deposit, 100 EUR for the second deposit and 200 EUR for the third deposit.
14. Free Spins are awarded to players who achieve the maximum bonus amount for the 3rd deposit, and after 1/4 of the bonus is released.
15. After releasing 1/4 of the 200 EUR bonus for the 3rd deposit, the player also receives 200x0.10 Free Spins on the Book of Sun Multichance (Booongo) slot game.
16. After releasing 1/4 of the bonus, in order to assign free spins to the account, the player needs to contact the e-mail [email protected] or the viber number +38765 880 880.
17. The player has 15 days from the deposit to choose the bonus.
18. The bonus will be active for 15 days from the moment the player chooses the bonus.
19. The bonus will be canceled if the player makes a withdrawal from his account.
20. A player cannot have 2 or more active bonuses at the same time.
21. If the player makes the second and third deposits, and the first Bonus is not completed, the other 2 bonuses are waiting to be activated. The player can at any time cancel one of the bonuses and activate another one in the bonus section.
22. If the player voluntarily or accidentally cancels one of the bonuses, the same bonus cannot be awarded to the player again.
23. A player who already has an account and opens a new account to obtain bonuses, bonuses and bets will be canceled, and the paid money will be used to collect damages.
24. Only 1 bonus is allowed per household, player address and IP address.
25.The priority of the Bonus is 1 (first, second and third deposit), so in the event that the player is entitled to this bonus, on that day the player cannot participate in other promotions of lower priority.
26. If the organizer/organizer assesses that there are irregularities, abuses, manipulations or any similar suspicious circumstances on the part of the user, it reserves the right to cancel and cancel the promotion, awarded bonuses, and remove the paid money from the player's virtual account in order to collect damages at any time without further explanation. .
27. The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion for any reason, while notifying the players via email.
28. Other general rules also apply.