The table below shows the possible return of stakes in percentage depending on the number of played events on the ticket.

Number of events                                         Return of stakes in percentage
3                                                                             20%
4                                                                             30%
5                                                                             40%
6                                                                             50%
7                                                                             75%
8+                                                                          100%
Example of a ticket that meets the conditions for Ultra Cashback:

An event                                                              A bet                      Quota                          Status
Champions League: Inter - Barcelona                    2                             5.25                          Profitable
Europe League: Roma – Borussia M                Below 2.5                    2․38                          Profitable
La Liga: Real M - Atletico M                              H2(1.5)                      1.71                          Profitable
Serie A Roma - Lazio                                              X                           3.65                         Profitable
Premier League: Tottenham - Manchester City       2                            1.82                           Losing
Bundesliga: Bayern M - Schalke 04                     Over 4.5                      2.4                          Profitable
Ligue 1: PSG - Lyon Total                                  over (2.5)                    1․8                           Profitable
The ticket consists of 7 events and earns a 75% return on stakes in case one pair is missed.

Terms and Conditions:
> Place a bet on 3 or more events.
> The minimum odds on events is 1.5 or more.
> The minimum bet on a ticket is 5 EUR.
> Get up to 100% of your money back - miss one event.
> Bets on "Pre-match" and "Live" are taken into account.
> The "Ultra Cashback" amount will be returned to your account immediately.
> If the organizer/organizer assesses that there are irregularities, abuses, manipulations or any similar suspicious circumstances on the part of the user, it reserves all rights to cancel and cancel the awarded bonuses at any time, without further explanation.
> The organizer reserves the right to change the aforementioned conditions and inform the players about the changes.