Added bonus of up to 30% on your winnings
> Step by step to the bonus
> Combine and benefit

1. REGISTER/LOG IN - Sign up or login in just a few easy steps.
2. COMBINE BETS - The more bets you combine, the greater your bonus.
3. COLLECT BONUS - You will automatically receive an Kombi-Bonus of up to 30%

The more bets you combine together, the greater your Kombi-Bonus:
> Combination with live bets
> Combination with any bet

Bonus terms:
1. The Kombi-bonus is a general bonus and is not subject to any start or end date.
2. By combining multiple bets on a single bet slip, you can avail of an added bonus of up to 30% of the potential winnings.
3. Only bets with odds of 1.21 or greater are deemed valid for this purpose.
4. Live bets, remaining time bets and pre-match bets are taken into account equally for calculation of the bonus.
5. If less than five bets are combined on a bet slip, no bonus is granted.
6. Odds of below 1.21 are taken into account for the calculation of winnings, but are excluded from the bonus calculation.
7. XTiP is entitled to modify or terminate the promotion at any time without providing any reasons, including due to technical issues, computer viruses, manipulation, etc.
8. The bonus is scaled as follows:
> In the case of a 5-bet combination, the customer receives an added bonus of 5%.
> For each additional bet, the customer receives an additional one per cent bonus, i.e. 6% for a 6-bet combination, 7% for a
7-bet combination, etc.
> The maximum added bonus is 30% and is granted from bet combinations involving 30 or more bets.