Bet Premium gives you the opportunity to receive up to 144.6% bonus on your multiple bets!

To get the Bonus all you have to do is add at least 5 events to your coupon.

The accumulator bonus is payable on winning tickets containing 5 or more events eligible for the bonus (with odds greater than or equal to 1.25).

The Bonus consists of a progressive increase of 3.5% for each event present in the game.

Events with odds lower than 1.25 do not contribute to obtaining the bonus, but do not cancel it.

The Multiple Bonus also applies to coupons that combine pre-match bets and live bets.

Events which, for whatever reason, have been deemed void will not be taken into consideration for the application of the Bonuses.

All combinations deriving from systemic bets are excluded from the bonus calculation, regardless of the number of events and the odds selected.

The Bonus is an integral part of the winnings. The winnings including the bonus cannot exceed the limit set by AAMS of 10,000 euros per ticket. Bet Premium reserves the right to modify or suspend the bonus at any time.

The maximum Bonus is equal to 144.60% (percentage corresponding to the game containing 30 valid selections). The system will automatically calculate the potential winnings including Bonus.

The percentages shown below are approximate as they are rounded to the decimal:

N. Events     Bonus

#5               +3.5%

#6               +7.12%

#7               +10.87%

#8               +14.75%

#9                +18.77%

#10              +22.93%

#11               +27.23%

#12                +31.68%

#13                +36.29%

#14                +41.06%

N.15              +46.00%

#16               +51.11%

N.17             +56.40%

#18              +61.87%

#19              +67.53%

N.20             +73.40%

#21              +79.47%

#22              +85.75%

N.23             +92.25%

#24              +98.98%

N.25            +105.94%

N.26            +113.15%

N.27            +120.61%

#28             +128.33%

N.29            +136.32%

30                +144.60%