Betnero Gives you the Best Welcome Bonus
Betnero welcomes you 5 times! Ours is undoubtedly the best welcome bonus offer that you can find in online casinos authorized by the AAMS. For what reason? There are actually at least three main reasons:

1 . Up to €1,300 total registration bonus that you can spend on Betnero with the chance to win big cash prizes.

2 . A welcome bonus that can be spread over the first 5 days, even if not consecutive, in which you deposit , thus giving you the possibility of not having to immediately invest a large sum to receive a large bonus.

3 . On the first deposit, in addition to the casino bonus, you also get the Betting Bonus up to 10 euros .

What Betnero offers you is the Best Welcome Bonus for online casinos, thanks to which you can make the deposits you want on the first day, getting back 100% up to €200. The same thing will also happen for 3 other days in which you make at least one deposit, while for the fifth day in which you make at least one deposit you can receive up to €500 welcome bonus. The good news is that it will be 5 days, not necessarily consecutive : play when you want, deposit as much as you want/can and reach €1300 in total!

Bonus Reference Table:                                                                                                                     1st day          100% Casino Bonus up to €200 + 10% Bet Bonus up to €10                                         2nd day         Deposit with 100% Bonus up to €200                                                                        3rd day           Deposit with 100% Bonus up to €200                                                                            4th day           Deposit with 100% Bonus up to €200                                                                        5th day           Deposit with 100% Bonus up to €500

🥇 How does the Betnero Welcome Bonus work?
The possibility of dividing the bonus by 5 makes it the best welcome casino bonus in Italy according to many users. Obviously it's up to you to decide how much to deposit and therefore how much to earn in terms of Welcome Bonus, just as it's your decision when to do it.

Betnero unlike many other gaming rooms not only gives you up to €1,300, but also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the bonuses for 5 different days ! For example, you can play every Sunday and for 5 Sundays you can deposit and take advantage of the registration bonus exactly with the limits specified in the reference table (see above). And that's not all because by registering at Betnero you can also receive a no deposit bonus of 10 euros to play Capecod Slots .

If you have any doubts about how our welcome bonus works, we will provide you with a quick example below so that you can clarify your ideas.

By registering on Betnero and completing the activation of the gaming account, simply providing your valid identity document, you can decide to make a first deposit for a minimum of €20 (applies only for the first deposit ever, for all other deposits and reloads the minimum casino deposit is €5). On this first deposit, Betnero gives you 100% of its value as a Welcome Bonus. So if you deposit 20 euros, we'll give you another 20 as a bonus to unlock and spend in the dining room. On the same day you can make as many deposits as you want up to the 200 euro bonus limit, set from the 1st day of deposit (see table above) with the addition of the betting bonus of up to 10 euro. For example, if you make your first deposit of 20 euros, and on the same (solar) day you decide to deposit another 50, you will have used a total of 70 euros of the 200 euro bonus provided for the first day of deposits. If you deposit a total of €200 on each of the first 4 days (not necessarily consecutive) you deposit you will get a bonus of €800, while on the 5th day you deposit you can get up to €500 bonus for a total of €1300 .

🏆 Why 5 Bonus instead of one?
Because we believe that everyone should play online slots and other casino games within their means and many players cannot deposit large sums of money at once when registering. Other gaming rooms will offer you only one welcome bonus and it is true that you may be entitled to a bonus of 1,000 euros, but on the condition that you are paying at least another 1,000 all together.

Betnero changes the rules of the game , giving you the possibility to make a first deposit and receive a 100% first deposit bonus up to a maximum of 200 euros. And if you deposit again on another day, you will still be entitled to a 100% welcome bonus, all up to 5 different days (even non-consecutive) in which by depositing you can reach up to 1,300 euros in total + 10 euros in betting bonus + 1o euro free for slots .

No other online casino in Italy offers you such a high welcome bonus!

Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions
To participate in the Betnero "Welcome Bonus" promotion, you must necessarily be a new user, who has not registered on our site in the past. Once you have completed the activation procedure for your account, by sending a document, you can choose to make a first deposit, of a minimum of 20 euros, thus being entitled to the Betnero Welcome Bonus, as well as our No Deposit Bonus.