Double your earnings with Sports Betting
Betting on Betnero has never been as convenient as with the X-Treme Betting Bonus which rewards the most loyal players who place a high number of bets.

So if you are among those players who love sports betting and prefer to bet on multiple events at the same time , then Betnero is definitely for you. We explain better why!

🏆 How X-Treme Bonus Betting works
⚽ This bonus is activated automatically for all users starting from 5 events played in Multipla . However, these must be events with odds above 1.20 .
⚽ By satisfying these simple requirements you can get a 5.2% bonus on every further bet you place on Betnero up to a maximum of 20 bets .
⚽ This means that with each additional bet, an additional bonus is added, so that you can even more than double your earnings if you bet on many events.

💰 The Bonus Percentage List
Here is a useful table with the bonus percentages that accumulate depending on the number of bets.

Bets                 % bonuses                                 Bets                         % bonuses                                  1                            0.00                                       11                                43                                          2                            0.00                                       12                                50                                        3                            0.00                                       13                                58                                          4                            0.00                                       14                                66                                          5                               5                                         15                                75                                          6                              11                                        16                                 84                                          7                              16                                        17                                 93                                        8                              22                                        18                                103                                        9                              29                                        19                                 114                                        10                            36                                         20                                125

Remember that in order to access the X-Treme betting bonus you only need to be a registered user of Betnero . So if you haven't already done so, create your own account and immediately take advantage of this incredible bonus which is added to the Betting Bonus for new users.

Terms and Conditions of X-Treme Bonus Betting:
- To participate in the "X-Treme Betting" promo you must be a registered user on and have completed the gaming account activation procedure by sending the identity documents required by law and waiting for their validation.
- Confirmation of completed game account activation will arrive via email from our Customer Support.