Cash-out is an option that allows you, at any time, to decide to resell a bet you have placed, either partially or in full, and withdraw a sum of money instantly. When you activate this function, you immediately recover part of your potential gain, without waiting for the end of the match in question.

The amount offered varies depending on the progress of your bet (this amount may be lower or higher than your initial bet). Two scenarios can prompt you to trigger a cash-out:

Minimize your losses: Your bet is in bad shape at halftime? Launching a rescue cash-out gives you the opportunity to save part of your initial bet, instead of losing it entirely.
Securing your winnings: Your bet is about to win 20 minutes from the end of the match but you have doubts about the final outcome. Activating the cash out makes you cash out winnings, with a lower profit than expected when registering the bet. But at least you've avoided the risk of losing everything due to a surprise turnaround in the last few minutes.
Eligibility conditions for the cash out:

Valid on single bets and combined bets
Available for pre-match and live betting
There must be between 1 and 5 events open on your ticket
Go to your betting history, select the one eligible for cash out and if you accept the amount and confirm the option, the amount is automatically credited to your account.