Get the most in your plays with the Ganabet promotion: NFL and NCAAF improved odds the more selections you choose for your plays in Parlay or Round Robin of at least 5 selections.

Play with                                 Receives
5 Selections                                7%
6 Selections                               10%
7 Selections                               12%
8 Selections                               15%
9 Selections                               17%
10 Selections                             20%
11 Selections                             25%
12 to 15 Selections                    30%
15 to 19 Selections                    35%
20 or more Selections               40%
It is important that you read the terms and conditions of all Ganabet sports and casino promotions.

* Terms and Conditions apply
1. This promotion is valid until February 12, 2023.
2. The Enhanced Odds promotion applies to all parlays of 5 or more selections won as stipulated in these terms and conditions, as well as Round Robin bets involving 5 or more applicable selections. Single bets, bets that do not apply and parlays with 4 selections or less do not qualify to receive the increased odds promotion.
3. Applies only to Full Time (FT), Point Line in NFL and NCAAF games.
4. Enhanced Odds are expressed as an extra percentage on top of the offered odds and will be added as “Additional Earnings” to the total return of the purchased parlay.
5. “Additional Winnings” will be credited to the Sports real money wallet once the bet has been qualified.
6. Each selection must have a minimum odds of -500.
7. The maximum of "Additional Earnings" will be $250,000 Mexican pesos.
8. “Additional Wins” resulting from canceled parlay lines will be removed.
9. Bets purchased in whole or in part with Free Bets are not eligible for Enhanced Odds.
10. Bets that are Cash Out (Early Closing of Bet) are not eligible to receive "Additional Winnings".
11. These conditions are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of® .