This will be your new favorite promotion: the weekly cashback bonus for casino and sports betting .

With this bonus you will have the opportunity to recover a part of your losses from sports betting (up to 15%) and casino games (up to 50%) . A weekly promotion that will allow you to explore the most innovative strategies and risk more in your sports predictions. Get up to €1,000 cashback every week and enjoy your favorite hobbies even more.

This is a promotion of JOKERBET.es (Veramatic Online, SAU) valid for eligible promotional users of JOKERBET.es under the conditions stipulated herein, subject to the eligibility criteria included in the General Terms and Conditions of the promotions .
FOR WHOM: Eligible promotable users of JOKERBET.es that generate certain weekly net losses and are subscribed to 'promotions and news' and to 'user experience improvement'.

Sports bets.
Casino games and slot machines (slots).
Up to 15% of your weekly losses in sports bets (maximum €500).
Up to 50% of your weekly losses in casino and slots (maximum €1,000).
Minimum losses: €10 (€20 for Bronze Bets) (5% bonus); €50 (5% bonus) in case of using paysafecard.
Maximum bonus: €500 in sports bets (15% of your losses) or €1,000 in casino and slots (50% of your losses).
Maximum conversion to real money: five (5) times the amount of the bonus.
Exception for Paysafecard : the user who makes some of his deposits with Paysafecard will enjoy a limited cashback bonus. Exceptionally, JOKERBET reserves the right to increase the amount of this bonus.

The cashback bonus for Paysafecard will be subject to a limit of 5% from €50 of minimum losses, granting a maximum bonus of €50 with a maximum conversion of 5 times the amount of the bonus, thus indicated in the explanatory table. The user must be subscribed to Promotions and news and Experience improvement to receive it. You should note that you will not be able to receive a cashback other than Paysafecard cashback until 30 days have passed since the last use of Paysafecard.

INCOMPATIBLE PROMOTIONS: Any other JOKERBET.es cashback promotion for the same game.

This is a double bonus, so you can get a cashback bonus for each game: one for gambling and one for casino and slots, but not both at the same time.

Once you meet the legal requirements to be a promotable user and you are an eligible customer, you must wait a period of 7 extra days before applying for your cashback bonus , since it is not possible to offset your losses until you complete at least one full week Under these conditions. Therefore, your first cashback bonus will be assigned to you at the end of the following calendar week in which you acquired the status of a promotable user, provided that you have generated sufficient net losses for its redemption.

After the first full week as a promotable and eligible user, your net losses generated with real money balance in sports betting and in casino and slots are calculated.. Losses generated with a real money balance in sports betting will count towards the Betting Cashback Bonus, while losses generated with a real money balance in casinos and slots will count towards the Casino Cashback Bonus, depending on the volume according to the Summary table attached above. The losses generated with the bonus balance will not be computed for the calculation of the cashback bonuses; In the case of bets that mix real and bonus balance, only the part corresponding to real balance will be computed. Only settled bets will be taken into account for the calculation of this promotion. Open bets will be computed in the promotional period in which they are resolved.

To receive the cashback bonus, it is an essential condition that the user subscribes to both 'promotions and news' and to the 'improved user experience' . If the user has not given their consent to both subscriptions or only one of them, in accordance with the new data protection regulations, this bonus cannot be assigned to them. You can update your subscriptions in your personal area. Log in here and go to: Personal data > Subscriptions .

When the bonus is assigned to you, it will appear on your screen. Select your reward and redeem it to enjoy it. If you have a casino reward and a betting reward available, you can only choose one of them. Likewise, if you have two casino rewards available, you can only choose one of them.

: If when you do your first login of the week you do not see a window to select the reward, clear the browser's cache and cookies and log in again. If you do not redeem any bonus your reward will not be assigned to you.

NOTE 2 : If you discard the bonus by mistake, contact Support so we can review your case and assign it to you again. In no case can this bonus be advanced, it is only possible to redeem it on the web by selecting it on your own selection screen.
BONUS EXPIRATION:7 days, counting the period from Monday to Sunday. If, for example, you redeem your voucher on Wednesday, it will expire on Sunday, not next Wednesday.                  ROLLOVER TO RELEASE THE BONUS:1 times the amount of the bonus (see below for clarifications on rollover*).                                                                                                            HOW MUCH EACH GAME CONTRIBUTES TO ROLLOVER:
Virtual Roulette: 20%*.
Live Roulette: 10%.
Black Jack: 20%.
Slots: 100%.
*Exceptions in Virtual Roulette:

Roulette x5: 10%.
Casino and slot machines:

Unresolved bets.
Sports bets:

Unresolved bets.
Single bets cancelled, annulled or returned.
Accumulated bets with at least one selection cancelled, voided or returned.
System bets.
Asian handicap and handicap (only 3 option handicap valid).
Odd Couple.
Over/Under (more/less).
Cashout (collection or early closing).
Bets on the same event (only the first one counts).
Any sports bet accumulators combining selections on rollover-eligible markets with other selections on non-rollover-eligible markets will not release any amounts. The accumulated ones must be totally valid to release the rollover.                                                                                                     INVALID BETS FOR CONVERSION DUE TO LIMITATION OF RISK: Casino and slot machines:

The conversion of the bonus to a real balance could be reversed in the event of an abusive use of low-risk bets:

-Odd Couple.
-Those that cover more than 40% of the table.
EXPIRATION: Expiration of the period of validity without having been released.                      WITHDRAWAL REQUEST: All the user's pending release bonuses will be automatically blocked at the time the user requests a withdrawal, and permanently canceled at the time the withdrawal is approved.                                                                                                                                   FRAUDULENT USE: Users who coincide with each other in any of the following points will be excluded from receiving promotions and the profits derived from them: address, email address, telephone number, family and IP address.

JOKERBET.es may also withdraw the promotions and the profits derived from them in the event that a user makes use of several incompatible promotions at the same time.

JOKERBET.es promotions have been designed for recreational purposes, if JOKERBET.es considers that a user abuses or tries to abuse the bonus, free bet or promotion, or tries to benefit through the abuse or lack of good faith of a gaming policy adopted by JOKERBET.es, such as fraudulent behavior at its own discretion or with the help of other members, limitation to 0 risk, benchmarking or other mechanisms, may, at its sole discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw any bonus, freebet or promotion to such user (including any earnings derived from such promotions), or rescind any policy with respect to such user, whether temporarily or permanently. Likewise, we reserve the right to modify, alter, suspend, cancel or end the promotions at any time.USER DISCLAIMER:The user can cancel any of his bonuses at any time from his personal area.
By using the bonus, the client declares to know and expressly accept the General Terms and Conditions of the promotions , as well as the Terms and Conditions of use of JOKERBET.es.

JOKERBET.es reserves the right to cancel or modify the promotion at any time, as well as to exclude from it those users who make an abusive or fraudulent use of it.