Every week Fastbet.it is giving away a guaranteed minimum of €500 for the first 20 who finish in the Soccer Race!
How does it work?
> It is a skill challenge that will take place in conjunction with the main football leagues
> Every week you get a €2 free bet to play on min. 5 football events, with total odds not less than 15
> The aim will be to guess the combination of predictions that generates the highest overall odds

Validity: from Tuesday 09 August 2022 to Monday 05 June 2023

Terms and Conditions:
1. The "Soccer Race" contest is a promotional initiative aimed at all players who have completed registration on Fastbet.it.
2. The "Soccer Race" contest invites the player to compete in a skill challenge with all the players participating in the contest.
3. The objective of the challenge is to guess the combination of predictions on football events that generates the highest overall odds, based on the schedule offered on Fastbet.it.
4. To participate in the contest, all you need to do is:
> activate a gaming account on the Fastbet.it website
> proceed to identify yourself with your identity document
> make at least one bet on sports bets
> deposit an amount equal to or greater than €10 in the 7 days preceding the crediting of the free bet
5. The contest is repeated in stages on a weekly basis, from Tuesday to Monday, starting from Tuesday 09/08/2022 until Monday 05/06/2023.
6. At each stage of the contest, the player will receive a free bet credit of €2 on their gaming account, necessary to participate. The credit is automatic and takes place at the login made during the reference week. For more information, see the user guide at the bottom of the page.
7. The €2 free bet amount can only be played on the pre-match and live multiple betting vertical, excluding systems, on a selection of at least 5 events with a total odds of no less than 15 (ONLY the free bets that meet the requirements).
8. All selections made using the €2 free bet are associated with the contest by default.
9. All free bet amounts assigned to each stage are valid for 7 days and can compete for the next challenge.
10. All selections must contain football events whose reporting is expected by 12.00 pm on the Monday which determines the conclusion of the relevant stage. Any selections including events not reported or not yet played within the aforementioned term will be cancelled.
11. All selections including events postponed after the deadline referred to in point 10 above are cancelled.
12. The weekly ranking sorts and rewards the best 20 selections based on the overall odds correctly predicted, from the highest to the lowest.
13. In the event of a tie between two or more users, the player who played the free bet first will get a higher position in the ranking.
14. To be valid for the purposes of the ranking, the selections must be correctly predicted, i.e. all the indicated predictions must be correct and successful.
15. Every Tuesday, by 18:00, the weekly ranking is updated on the page here with the results of the previous week.
16. Any correctly predicted selection does not give the right to credit the winnings or to further bonuses but to the opportunity to compete for the assignment of part of the weekly prize pool dedicated to the contest.
17. The amount of the weekly jackpot, rounded to the nearest hundred, varies according to the number of participating players and is equivalent to the total value of the free bets used during the reference stage. The minimum guaranteed jackpot will be equal to €500 and the maximum will not exceed, in any case, €5,000, as exemplified in the following table:
Participating players         Free bet value used                             Jackpot
50                                 €100                              €500 (guaranteed minimum)
320                                640€                                               600€
1,990                              €3,980                                             €4,000
€4,000                            €8,000                             €5,000 (maximum guaranteed)

18. The prize pool is divided as a percentage between the top 20 positions in the standings, as indicated in the following table:
Ranking Position                                          % Prize Pool
1st place                                                             20%
2nd place                                                            15%
3rd place                                                             10%
4th place                                                              8%
5th place                                                              7%
6th - 10th place                                                    4%
11th - 20th place                                                  2%
(e.g. prize money €1000 = 1st place €200, 2nd place €150, 3rd place €100, 4th place €80, 5th place €70, places from 6th to 10th €40, places from 11th to 20th €20).
19. In the event that the number of participants exceeds 500, Fastbet.it reserves the right to divide the jackpot among a greater number of participants, including players classified beyond the 20th position, up to a maximum number of 5 % of participants.
20. In case of non-assignment or partial assignment of the prize pool, due to a number of correctly predicted selections lower than the number of prize positions, the remaining unassigned will be cancelled.
21. The jackpot is expressed in real bonuses and can be played in multiples on a selection of pre-match Sport events, with total odds of no less than 4.00, excluding systems.
22. The real bonus is divisible and can be spent, in one or more instalments, under the conditions referred to in point 21 above.
23. The real bonus cannot be withdrawn, but the winnings deriving from it can be withdrawn.
24. The real bonus is credited to the winners' gaming accounts every Tuesday by 18.00 and must be used by 24.00 on the following Sunday.
25.All real bonus amounts assigned and not played within the terms referred to in point 24 above are cancelled.
26. At Fastbet.it's full discretion, bonuses may not be paid (or canceled if already paid) if players adopt behaviors and/or gaming strategies that are deemed clearly incorrect and/or aimed solely at generating and monetizing bonuses.
27. Bonus credit is valid for one person and household, i.e. one IP address, computer, postal address, payment method, electronic wallet and telephone number.
28. In the event that the player closes his gaming account, the accumulated and unused bonuses will be reset to zero. If the closure of the gaming account is followed by a new opening of the gaming account attributable to the same player, he restarts from a zero bonus balance.
29. Fastbet.it reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time, without giving prior notice.