Does your current ADW pay you to play? offers a generous horse betting rebate program. Make cash back - win or lose! No Rollovers or Minimums. Cash rebates are placed into your OTB accounts the next day.

Earn Cash Rewards Everyday Betting at
Earn Reward Points at many Thoroughbred, Harness, and Greyhound racetracks.
Points can be redeemed for cash and used for wagering or can be withdrawn as cash.
Rewards are placed into players account right after races are official.
Reward Level is based on a rolling 30-day period of wager activity. Once your wager activity exceeds the next threshold level, your account is automatically upgraded to the next tier the following day. is based, licensed and regulated in the U.S. co-mingles directly into the U.S. pools so there are no limitations on the amount you can wager and there are no limits on payouts.

Points Awarded per $1 wagered on Live Racing
Level      Total Wagers per Month      WPS*      EX/QU/DD*      TRI/SUP/PEN/PKs*
1                   $0 - $1,000                       1                    1                                 1
2                 $1,001 - $2,500                   4                    6                                 8
3                 $2,501 - $5,000                   6                    8                                10
4                 $5,001 - $7,500                   7                   14                                20
5                 $7,501 - $10,000                 8                   16                                 24
OTB VIP    $10,001 +                                   V.I.P. Custom Rates