Don't worry, even this winter the excitement of sporting events won't stop!

The No Fear of Betting - Winter Edition continues to reward your interest in the sport:

in February, on the weekends 3-5, 17-19 and 24-26 you can receive a bonus of up to €50 every week for a total of up to €150 in Real Bonus Sport!

How does it work:

Bet on your favorite sporting events, you will receive 1 BET point for every €1 of non-winning sports bets. Every 100 BET Points you unlock €10 Bonus . The acquisition of points is valid from Friday to Sunday of each promotional cycle.

NB: you can join if your account has been activated and verified no later than 31 January 2023, and you have top-uped at least 1 time.

Terms and conditions
The No Fear of Betting - Winter edition promotion is available from 3 to 26 February 2023 and is divided into three cycles with dates 3-5/02; 17-19/02; 24-26/02.
Users who join via the button on the promotional page and who have an active and verified account by and no later than January 31, 2023 and at least a top-up movement can participate.
The user is responsible for entering his/her account ID correctly for the purpose of participating in the promotional initiative and it is explicitly requested as it is the only unambiguous data useful for recognizing each user; therefore, the entry of the username will not be valid. The first membership ever made by the same user is valid.
For the purposes of acquiring points, the difference between the sum of the bets made on events played in the promotional period and all the winnings reported in the promotional period will be taken into consideration , with a conversion of 1€= 1 BET point. Every 100 BET points entitles you to a €10 bonus of up to €50 per promotional cycle, for a total of up to €150 that can be acquired for the entire initiative.
The Bonus will be expendable on sports bets consisting of at least 5 events and odds for a single event >= 2.00 within 4 days of accreditation and must be played at least once in order to withdraw the corresponding winnings. It will be disbursed every Monday with the bonus amounts relating to the previous promotional period, exclusively to accounts with a validated identity, not self-suspended, active at the time of joining and with the account associated with a NOT temporary email account (such as Yopmail ). In addition, the account must be free from measures or checks by the anti-fraud office.
The status of the Bonus is visible in the Your Account/Bonus List section.
The promoter of the initiative reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel or modify the promotion, not to disburse the bonus to non-entitled persons and to those who apply illicit and unsporting behavior including activities involving the use of the non-exclusive account of the holder, or who already enjoys a deal.