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To fully experience the excitement of sports betting with us, you must meet the following points:
Verify your account by submitting your documents.
Having the user account open for more than 30 days.
Check the box «What kind of information do you want to receive? Promotions (bonuses and sweepstakes)» in the registration process.

This promotion is exclusive for users of Juegging, owned by Banegras Unión SAU with CIF A98123060 with registered office at Avenida Tres Cruces, 21 Bajo, 46018 (Valencia).
The promoter of this promotion is Juegging.
This promotion is compatible with other prizes simultaneously.
Taking this promotion, you are accepting these conditions and the general T&C of Juegging.
The promotion will be valid until 11:59 p.m. next Sunday, that is, during the week in which the client receives the promotion by email or SMS.
The user must have checked the acceptance box to receive promotional communications in order to participate in the promotion.
Only those users who have been registered for more than 30 days and who have been documented can participate in the promotion.
Only customers who have been previously notified by email or SMS may participate in the promotion.
If the user has a pending withdrawal, has increased the deposit limits during the last 30 days, is in a situation of risky behavior, self-exclusion or subjective prohibition at the time of assigning the Freebet, it will not be assigned and the promotion will be automatically cancelled.
During the promotion period, Juegging will enter an amount equal to the first deposit made by the user since he receives the promotion, in multiple amounts of 10, for example: for a deposit of €20 to €24, a Freebet will be activated €20; If the deposit is from €25 to €29, the activated Freebet will be €30, with €100 of freebet being the maximum amount to receive.
The allocation of the freebet can take up to 48 hours.
Said Freebet can only be used for sports bets at a minimum odds of 1.6, both in simple bets and for each of the lines of a combined bet.
The Freebet can be used both for prior and live bets, being necessary in the case of direct, that the event you want to bet on has not yet started at the time of the Freebet assignment.
The user can cancel the Freebet at any time from his user account.
The minimum deposit will be €10.
The user can decide at any time whether to bet with real money or Freebet.
In order to release the Freebet and the possible winnings obtained while it is active, bets must be placed in the amount of 1 times the amount of the Freebet.
It will not be necessary to wager the amount of the Freebet in a single bet.
The amount to be released will be equal to the winnings obtained for each bet with Freebet, not counting the amount of the Freebet bet as a win. For example, for a bet of €100 at odds 1.6, the winnings to be released will be €60.
Once the Freebet is released, 100% of the profits obtained will be available.
The assigned Freebet will not be withdrawable until its conditions have been met.
There is no maximum bet, beyond the one established for each game.
The means of payment to make the deposit and subscribe to the promotion will be Juegging's own, that is, bank card or bank transfer.
The Freebet expires in 7 calendar days, counting from the activation of the Freebet in the user's gaming account. The moment the Freebet expires, both the Freebet money and any accumulated winnings are automatically cancelled.
In the event that the user requests a withdrawal of funds before meeting the Freebet wagering requirement, both this and any accumulated winnings will be cancelled.
The moment a Freebet expires, both the Freebet money and any accumulated winnings are automatically cancelled.
As soon as the amount of a Freebet reaches €0, it is automatically canceled
The Freebet may only be used once per Game Account (and therefore per Player, IP and/or computer).
Amounts played as Freebet will not count towards Marathon promotions.
All promotions, Bonuses, Freebet or special offers will be subject to the specific terms and conditions of said promotions, and any additional Bonus credited to the User's account must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply to it. The Operator reserves the right to freely cancel or modify at any time and without prior notice, any promotional activity carried out by the Operator, including any promotion, bonus offer, Freebet or special offer.
If The Operator considers that a User abuses or tries to abuse a promotional activity, or tries to benefit through the abuse or the lack of good faith of a game policy adopted by The Operator, The Operator may, at its sole discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw any bonus, Freebet or promotion to such User, or rescind any policy in respect thereof, whether temporarily or permanently, and terminate User's access to the Gaming Services and/or block such User's account.
This promotion is subject to the general terms and conditions of Juegging:
Juegging reserves the right to amend or modify the terms and conditions at any time without notice to the players. Such corrections will be effective immediately once published on the web. It is the responsibility of the players to read the rules, policies and conditions as well as to be aware of possible changes.
Juegging reserves the right to cancel and/or modify the promotion at any time.
The promoter reserves the right to decide on any result or modify what it deems appropriate.
The promoter reserves the right to refuse this offer to any player or to withdraw this or any part of this offer or promotion at any time.
If the game is interrupted by system or network problems, Juegging reserves the right to resolve the matter at its discretion.
Juegging reserves the right to use the alias and/or first name and last initial for reasonable use in marketing and/or future events.
All accounts are subject to fraud and security controls based on promotional and general network compliance. If any account is found to be in violation of these rules, it will be closed and you will be disqualified from promotions.
No executive, employee, adviser or agent of Juegging or its group of companies or suppliers, merchants or White Label partners shall have the right to participate in any of the aforementioned events or promotions directly or indirectly. This restriction is also applicable to relatives of said persons, also including spouse and partner as “relatives”.