Free bet for players
Tickets are chosen randomly (by random selection) and the lucky winner of the "FreeBet" ticket will find out immediately after payment.

How will the player know that he received a "FreeBet" ticket?
If you have paid the ticket at the payment point, a mark will immediately appear on it - the inscription "FreeBet", which means that you have the right to play another ticket for the same amount - completely free of charge. This option is only valid for losing tickets or those that have already been paid - "live" tickets cannot be used.
For online (web) players, the amount of the FreeBet bonus is automatically credited to the bonus balance.

What will the player get?
The payment amount, "FreeBet", can be used by the player once and in full, or again only as one ticket with the same amount.
For example, if the player received the "FreeBet" option on a ticket on which he had a payment of 10.00 KM, then he can repeat that amount (without additional payment) for the same amount and only on one ticket.

The deadline for using the "FreeBet" ticket is a maximum of 30 days.

It is valid for tickets played online (on our website), as well as for tickets played at the payment points of the "Sport Plus" sportsbook!