Any multiple/accumulator bet totaling odds of 10.00 or above will receive a bonus as follows
> odds of 10.00 to 49.99: 10% bonus on payout
> odds of 50.00 to 99.99: 15% bonus on payout
> odds of 100.00 or more: 20% bonus on payout

Terms & Conditions:
1. ODDS BONUS only applies to live and pre-match single and multiple bets (accumulators). Combination or system bets do not get an ODDS BONUS.
2. ODDS BONUS is available on all sports, events and markets.
3. In the case of postponed/cancelled match(es), the bonus will be updated based on the remaining matches left in your bet. For example, if your 4-fold bet with accumulated odds of 60.00 that should receive a 15% ODDS BONUS on winnings has 1 match that is postponed/cancelled causing it to become a 3-fold bet with accumulated odds of 40.00, it will automatically be demoted to 10% ODDS BONUS on winnings.
4. The maximum ODDS BONUS amount is capped at 20,000 UGX. This is the maximum bonus amount that can be added to your original payout.
5. The ODDS BONUS is calculated on your payout. For example, a 1,000 UGX 5-fold bet with accumulated odds 10.00 that has a payout of 10,000 UGX will receive a 10% ODDS BONUS of 1,000 UGX.
10% of 10,000 UGX = 1,000 UGX
Total Payout will be 10,000 UGX + 1,000 UGX = 11,000 UGX